Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fun in the Sun by Lorraine

I'm so happy with all the pictures! Saturday tunred out to be great! I found a new partner in crime! Together we were able to show off all the beautiful jewelry that Jennifer has made... the sad part was we couldn't take them all home.
the colors, the different styles, the word amazing is not enough to describe it!

Behind the Lens

Yesterday, oh yesterday! I finally had the opportunity to photograph 2 of my beautiful friends for my Etsy shop. I was very afraid. I am by no means a photographer. I simply make knots. I have however always had a passion for the art of photography. So here you go dear readers....I know there are some out there and I'm sorry for all the long months of wait. But life sometimes simply gets in the way. I am back for good and with help.
Enjoy!...and please, feel free to comment. xoxo

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Colours & Photos by Lorraine

I can't wait until tomorrow! It will be a day of art and beauty! We will be out and about showing off beautiful jewelry and indulging in nature. We will be taking photos and I can't wait to see to see the outcome. Art & nature... what will the world paint for us.