Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thrift store find

I have a Red, White & Blue thrift store down the street a couple of blocks. I spend quite a lot of time there lately. I had gone by there many times but never stopped in, being that living in North Miami I never thought I would find anything good in there. Wow, was I wrong! Now I am totally addicted! Last Monday I went in looking for some cool art I could put up in my house, I wanted something vintage, something artsy or something that I could recycle and put to good use. What I ended up purchasing both thrilled me and excited me and opened up a whole new venue for me!

Here it is...

 for $30.00!  It is very old. I think late 1950's early 60's era. The pamphlets don't show any date whatsoever and when I looked up the model (Kenmore 1357) nothing showed up on the web. Now don't be getting ideas that I am actually going to be sewing dresses and the like (hee,hee).But rather I saw as a way to upgrade the headbands I have been making. Making them both more beautiful and comfy :).

Here is a close up of the fabric I got to star of with.There seems to be a lot of it, as they used to be curtain panels. It is super soft and the colors just blow me away.  So go ahead and make a day of it. Visit your local thrift store and in the process help our fellow humans who are in need of dire help.

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