Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday's Pick Thursday Interview

I know, I know I promised this every Wednesday but do not fret here is this weeks featured artist. This week I chose Amanda Barr from No Tengo Miedo Clay . Amazing work. I am thinking of gifting one of her Nosferatu soap dishes to the honey for the Holidays.

What inspires you?
movies, books, TV- I watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu in my studio- tons of sci-fi and other quirky stuff. Just finished Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" and started on HBO's "Six Feet Under". Also really love cheezy zombie flicks.

How did you got started?
I got antsy during grad school (I have a master's in Spanish Literature) and needed an outlet. I took a class, then another, then another...then while I was writing my thesis and not working, I got my own studio space and kept doing more and more. When I finished school I started teaching night courses at the community college, which left my days free for studio time, and before I knew it I became a full-time artist!

Fellow advice -
Even if it's your job, be sure to remember every day that you're doing art because you love it. Take time from working to just play around, come up with new ideas, do something different. I just took a workshop in August over a technique that I probably won't use in my professional work, but it was great fun and a wonderful break from my own process.

Other Hobbies -
Reading, painting, perusing the internet, spending time with friends and sleeping when I get the chance! I also love to cook- over the summer I baked a different pie each week!

Next Upcoming Event -

Where you see yourself in the future?
I want to do some sort of huge installation in a gallery somewhere. Not a huge piece, but many pieces that make one whole. I just have to find the time and somewher to put it!



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