Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flavors of my land.

A fusion of intense flavors, natural spices and lots of
 african influences. And a never ending passion for seafood!

Pineapple stuffed with rice, beans and yep more seafood made complete with fried sweet plantains. Why yes we do love to fry things and yes we  do love plantains :)

Mahi-Mahi filets.

Mofongo (mashed plantains and garlic) overcome with mountains of seafood :)

Stuffed Red Snapper with "Arañitas"(see below). Boneless and stuffed with rice!

Fried Snapper with "Arañitas"(plantain and garlic shredded and deep fried).

Passion Fruit Frappe.

Giant Shrimp Shiskabobs BBQ at home in Vega Baja, PR.


Emily said...

Augh- this all looks amazing! I have to say the fish scares me a little bit- his "eye" seems to be staring right at me, but delicious none the less. Yum. -e

Hemp Butterfly said...

mmm yes delish!!!