Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up part 1

The past few months have found me catching up on my life and my new ventures. I feel sometimes I can hardly catch a breath. We lost a very close, very dear family member in a tragic automobile accident. It has taken me sometime to heal but being busy creating and designing helps a lot.

This past July I got the opportunity to be part of the Indie Craft Bazaar (Peace,Love and Craftyness). Which was an experience in itself. I have to say I felt very welcomed. The other artists where very nice and their work was very inspiring. I am grateful that there is a growing community of indie artists and crafters and that we have found each other!

The flyer was designed by Rachel Loves Peace . I got to meet her at the Bazaar. Her work is very happy and colorful. And she has an air like she has the secret to happiness. Beautiful free spirit. My kinda of girl! Check out her blog as well it's called Rachel is a Dreamer

As soon as the doors opened it was a non stop flow of traffic. This was to my left.

To my right.

This Sunday (October 17th) they are having another edition called Dawn of the Thread. Loooove the name and I am looking forward to being part of it again.

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