Friday, October 15, 2010

Catching Up part 2 - Muzzy's Garden

My stepmother was an avid gardener and I wanted to share some of my favorite images I took of her garden while on my visit there in August. The reasons I went up to Pennsylvania , back home, where by far the most pleasant of situations but I must say it was a truly inspiring trip. I think the time away and the solitude in nature was truly soul nurturing. I was able to think and set my priorities straight. This garden has always been a true source of inspiration in my life. I have seen it from conception to it's final grand product thru the years. She was truly blessed and will be missed.

A haven for butterflies of all colors.

There where rows and rows of black eyed susans in bloom :)

I must have sat by these flowers every day. Most days they where covered by plump bumble bees. My favorite!

The guardians.

During my stay I got to eat plenty of homegrown vegetables. These sun kissed tomatoes where particularly yummy!

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